Hey I'm SoftwareBoy and I'm a 20 y.o. 3D Artist and Designer from Rome, italy.

During the first Covid-19 Lockdown, I started learning 3D Softwares while I was still in high school and Blender became my main one.

I started posting my first 3D animated experiments on my instagram page, trying to get an audience for what I was doing.
After many brands reached out to me asking for custom 3D videos for their own pages,
I realized that I could have made a living out of it and so I started working on commissions for other brands.

I've been working on custom 3D videos for more than 100 brands in the last years, among them there are Advisory Board Crystals, Psychworld, Doomsday and Pleasures.

In the mainwhile I started creating my own design pieces, physical 3D printed items that I realize in my own studio and drop here on my website.
My Kanye Vase was also mentioned by Highsnobiety.

I've been strongly into the NFTs field since 2020.

My own NFT collection is called XBoys, a collection where my own character XBoy, is revisited in different versions inspired by famous people, pop-culture and animes.

I also co-founded SushiSwag, first ever NFT streetwear brand
and released the first ever NFT sneaker that was redeemable for the real pair.