SoftwareBoy is a 22 years old 3D Artist and Designer from Rome, Italy,

Born in October 2001, he initially grow up in the countryside of a small town in Rome's province.
Since he was a kid, he always spent a lot of time in front of a screen, mostly playing videogames.
His all-time favorite one is Minecraft.

In middle school, he was really passionate about Computers and Coding, so he decided to study at a technical school in his hometown. In High School he was studying Computer Science, Electronics and Robotics, he really liked that but still wasn't extremely passionate about it, the artistic side was missing.

During the first Covid-19 Lockdown, he was still in high school and decided to start spending his free-time locked up in his house on learning how to use 3D softwares, he instantly felt like that could have been his new passion.

He soon discovered that it was possible to re-create any kind of real clothing, in a digital way, and simulate the physics of the garments like in the real world.

He started posting his first 3D rendered experiments on his instagram page, trying to get an audience that saw what he was creating.

Many small brands reached out to him asking for custom 3D videos for their own pages. And he realized that he could have made a living out of it, by using his 3D skills to help other brands create Digital Clothes..


As of 2022, he has been working on 3D animations for more than 100 different brands, among them are Adidas, Footlocker, Pleasures, Advisory Board Crystals and Psychworld.
He has also been working for Artists and Youtubers such as Quincy(4.5M) and Denzel Dion(1.9M).


He also always wanted to pursue realizing his own ideas and concepts, to grow as an Artist and a Designer, he has always been creating, aside from other people’s works, he started making his own Physical 3D Printed pieces he produces in his studio and sells on this Website.

In 2020, he found out that thanks to the NFTs Technology, he could sell his own Digital Works as Art Pieces.

His first ever NFT, SushiSwag Genesis, was originally sold for 400 dollars and was resold by a collector for 200k dollars, this was the first piece of SushiSwag, the first ever Digital/Physical Streetwear brand he co-founded, where items like Sneakers and Clothes are sold as Digital NFTs, but with the option to be redeemed for the real item.

He also created an NFT collection with his mascot and symbol XBoy, where this character was revisited in different versions inspired by famous people, pop-culture and anime worlds. He considers this project, the next generation of collectibles, because of their particular and futuristic designs and packagings, and full digital way of collecting them.

SoftwareBoy Digital and Physical works were mentioned in Magazines such as Highsnobiety, Forbes, Outpump and NSS.
He was invited by the fashion brand Hogan to talk in Milan in front of young students, about opportunities reserved by Metaverse and Digital Arts in the modern era.